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Martin Beauregard: Fireworks 

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Martin Beauregard


Martin Beauregard
October 30, 2005

Martin Beauregard's performances flirt with disaster, create an expectation they then fail to meet. Often consisting of machinery that doesn't work, vehicles that don't run, spectacles that are less then spectacular. His pieces are conceived in a universe where natural laws of physics don't apply. When these ideas come in to contact with the physical properties of the real world chaos ensues. In Fireworks featured in this year's LIVE Biennial, whose theme was Altered States, he attempts to get at the point behind the spectacle, to give his audience a critical distance beyond the ohs and ahs. The work is humorous, pathetic and insightful.

Beauregard also showed a series of his new videos after the performance.

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Martin Beauregard, recently graduate of the National School of Higher Studies in Artistic Expression of Bordeaux, France, holds a baccalaureat of Interdisciplinarité in Visual Creation of the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. He presented his works in solos in many centers of Canadian artists and took part in several exposures of group, events of performance and festivals of film and videos in Canada, in the United States, in France, in Senegal and in several countries of South America.


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