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Margaret Dragu & Pam Hall: Marginalia 

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Marginalia detail


Margaret Dragu and Pam Hall
November 3 - 6 2005

Margaret Dragu and Pam Hall started this collaboration almost two years ago and it has consisted of a series of sewn patches describing elements of their lives. These are photographed digitally and emailed as part of an ongoing dialogue between the two senior interdisciplinary artists. The project has brought them together over the past two years, in Vancouver, Montreal and St John's to develop the collaboration. During LIVE 2005 the artists invited the public into what they had been, up until now, a very private process. Performance, process, installation the work spans the breadth of Canada and several media.


Pam Hall is a visual artist, filmmaker, and writer, whose work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, and is represented in many corporate, private and public collections. Pam's preoccupations focus on the human relationship with nature, with place and site and memory, on human labour and physical practice, and on the possibilities for connective, engaged, and healthy interaction with our environment, whether inside the body or outside of it. Most recently I have been exploring the female body, sexuality, authorship and the relationships between science, art and the invention of knowledge. In addition to her visual arts practice, Hall has written and illustrated children's books, teaches graduate students in the United States, and works as a production designer in the film industry.

"Oh," said Barbie, "Math is so hard."
I should have said
Margaret Dragu celebrates her 34th year as a performance artist.
Not quite in the 4th decade/dimension yet....

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