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Rolande Souliere: Materiality 

Rolande SouliereRolande SouliereRolande SouliereRolande Souliere
Rolande SouliereRolande SouliereRolande SouliereRolande Souliere
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Rolande Souliere
February 22 - March 29, 2008

Rolande Souliere's approach to art making is an inventive choreography of colour, form, labor intensive material processes and industrial 'readymades'. Souliere produces sculptures and installations that are not chaotic but structured somewhat yet unavailable to comprehension. Her works are a combination of overlapping commentaries on lived experience, art history and globalisation.

In Aspects of the Skyworld traditional Anishinabe mythology and culture merge with contemporary forms and styles to create a discussion that draws on the past and the present in the context of social diverse experiences within the parameters of a common world.


Rolande Souliere was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Over the past years she has exhibited in Australia in both solo and group exhibitions. Souliere has completed a Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, Australia. Souliere currently works and lives in Sydney, Australia.


Video interview by Tania Willard with Rolande Souliere, 12:07. Click here to launch.

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