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brunt online: issue four 

Julie Faubert and Héloïse Audy: La robe-ruche (detail)

Welcome to the online edition of brunt #4. In this site you will find companion material for the articles, exhibitions, and performances in brunt #4.

The magazine has been expanded and redesigned by our editor and designer Tania Willard. I want to take this time publically to congratulate her on the birth of her son Skyelar and thank her for getting the new issue edited and redesigned in the middle of that momentous event.

Brunt's new look is cleaner and sparser and responds to the comments made by you, the readers. You still get the same larger images and excellent writing by many of Vancouver's best writers. This new issue is over 50 pages. Enjoy!

And take some time to view the site and see more images, videos, and writing. Interviews with Rolande Souliere, Greg Staats, and Heloise Audy. A compilation by Elisha Burrows on the performance art in HIVE 2. Learn!

On behalf of grunt Id like to thank our editor Tania, Archer Pechawis for his web design, Taylor Olemak for desktop publishing and Hillary Wood for copy editing. Id like to say a special thank you to all the writers and artists who make up this new issue. Explore!

Id also like to thank you to the funders and supporter who are listed elsewhere on this site.

If you like what you see tell others, if you don't tell us. Feedback is good. We are listening.

grunt gratefully acknowledges core funding from the Canada Council for the Arts Visual Arts Section, the British Columbia Arts Council, the BC Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch, the City of Vancouver, and our membership and donors.

Specific programs have also been funded by Heritage Canada, the Vancouver Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Audain Foundation, the Province of BC Cultural Services Branch, Arts Now and Arts Partners in Creative Development.

We thank all funders and supporters of our programs.


Glenn Alteen

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