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brunt online: issue two 

Chrystal Kruszelnicki, Untitled, 2004
Chrystal Kruszelnicki, Untitled, 2004

grunt gallery is changing. (new staff, new funding, new projects)
        A full moon is coming.

This issue of brunt magazine and brunt online represents diverse artistic practices and ideas. It reflects the commitments of grunt gallery to show emerging and diverse artists in different disciplines. With an exciting six months of programming behind us, brunt magazine paints a picture of the talented and creative people we work with and showcase. The eclectic exhibitions at grunt fit in with all this change, from the changing landscape of Vancouver's building boom-and-bust in Dina Gonzales Mascaro's Rubble to the changing of our own physical bodies through ritual and modification in Fitzpatrick's bite & burn; from the changing forms and sculptural spaces of found materials from urban and natural environments in Jude Norris' work to the assemblages of Kuh Del Rosario. Artists are in many ways the change-makers, the ones who carry vision and dream. So here's to change,
to spring and summer,
art, life and love.
To the new moon.

- Tania Willard

The third edition of brunt magazine was edited by Tania Willard, and can be downloaded as a PDF (20.6 MB). This enhanced content site was compiled by Steven Tong and designed by Archer Pechawis from grunt's archives. Thank you to Heritage Canada's Gateway Fund.

grunt gratefully acknowledges funding from the Canada Council for the Arts through the Visual Arts Section and InterArts Office, The British Columbia Arts Council, The BC Gaming Commission, The City of Vancouver, The Audain Foundation, The Vancouver Foundation and the Heritage Canada's Arts Presentation Program as well as our members and supporters.

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