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brunt online: issue five 

Beat Nation: Manik1derful aka Derek Edenshaw

Issue 5 of brunt magazine on and offline is brought to you by the great artists who exhibited at grunt gallery this past season, all of the staff, volunteers, board, membership and funders who all make it possible for grunt to present the artists you see in brunt magazine.

brunt magazine is about showcasing these artists, the work that they have poured themselves into, the concepts they are exploring and the ideas they are conjuring. Support for the Arts and artists is under threat, many artist run centres, projects and artists themselves are worried that BC is becoming culturally bankrupt, despite the many opportunities and economic benefits of the Arts, support is shrinking.

This issue of brunt then is in memmorium of adequate funding and support for artists and a call to action to do what we can to advocate for the arts and support artists to ensure spaces and places for honouring artistic expression, teaching and learning about the importance of visual culture.

This issue of brunt magazine online covers everything from the beautifully obscene collage works of Claude Perrault to the auto-ethnography of Nathalie Ball's installation to the imagined dialogues of Andrea Cooper's video works. So crack the pages of the mag or click the pages online and know that in this small way you are supporting the Arts.

Tania Willard, Editor

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