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Andrea Cooper: Fickle as Poison 

Andrea Cooper - Fickle as PoisonAndrea Cooper - Fickle as PoisonAndrea Cooper - Fickle as Poison
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Andrea Cooper
Fickle as Poison
February 20th - March 28th 2009

Andrea Cooper's single-channel video installation, Fickle As Poison, uses non-conventional narrative combined with complementary photographs and text to retell a family story of desire and death. Through the re-arrangement of key elements, Cooper explores the limits of visual and oral language, female sexuality and its relationship to the psyche, the convergence of place and identity, and the "dream-logic beneath the surface of things".


Andrea Cooper, originally from Newfoundland, has been an art educator, guest lecturer, conference panelist and curator. Her work has been shown in Canada, the US and in Germany at the Berlin International Film Festival. She holds a BFA (Honors with Distinction) from Concordia University and a Master of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto.

Supported in part by the Ontario Arts Council