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Kevin MacKenzie: SCREEN 

Kevin MacKenzie - SCREENKevin MacKenzie - SCREENKevin MacKenzie - SCREEN
Kevin MacKenzie - SCREENKevin MacKenzie - SCREENKevin MacKenzie - SCREEN
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Kevin MacKenzie
November 8 - November 29, 2008

This performance work consists of the artist building a wall that will serve as a screen for a video documenting the building of the wall. The conceptual piece speaks to construction and façades in the period leading up to the 2010 Olympic Games. McKenzie works as a plasterer in the construction industry and this piece addresses the massive build-up of new construction in the city. The wall is both a sample of current construction and a façade. Its role as a screen questions what it reveals and what it hides.


Kevin McKenzie is Métis Cree from Regina who currently works in Vancouver. He has studied at the University of Regina as well as OCA and ECIAD. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Richmond Art Gallery, the Indian and Inuit Art Gallery, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, the Glenbow Museum and the MacKenzie Art Gallery. He has also appeared in numerous group exhibitions and attended several artist residency programs.