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Jake Hill: New Work 

Jake Hill - New WorkJake Hill - New Work
Jake Hill - New WorkJake Hill - New Work
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Jake Hill
New Work
September 4th - October 11th 2008.

Jake Hill is a young emerging artist who has shown in local Vancouver artist-run centres. His work is rooted in sculpture and this new work is significantly different from this previous work for its minimal mass and implied rather than real form.

Jake comments on his new work, "The installation continues research into achieving scale and form through the use of materials that are absent, vacant or almost nothing. The work is inspired by drawings that depict making things - like shop sketches or illustrated recipes. Such devices lie or at least they cannot tell the whole truth. They need faith or willful misreading to believe that something could exist as a result of them."

Hill's exhibit, comprised of installation and drawing, uses the cast shadow of a ping pong ball against a wall to create an instance of "artificial logic." The exhibit provides an opportunity for the viewer's "willful misreading of rational evidence" to produce an imaginary space informed by a "new physics" of presence. Jake Hill is a sculptor whose work investigates the construction of artificial relationalities.


Jake Hill is a graduate from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and has a Masters Degree in Architecture from UBC. He received the Helen Pitt and the Alvin Balkind Prizes at ECIAD and the Kenny Charow Prize at UBC.

Hill's practice is informed by considerations of the body and culture and interests itself, particularly, in questions of scale.